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Executive Director

Ken Friesen

Ken Friesen is the Executive Director for the CBCRA and its Recycle Everywhere program. He has been directly involved in waste reduction and recycling since 1990. Ken has led the initiation, design and implementation of multi- stakeholder stewardship programs, as well as providing strategic governance and project management services. Ken’s background in waste reduction, recycling and stewardship programs enables him to apply a variety of perspectives to work with diverse stakeholders and lead them to a common goal.

Adrian 2

Adrian Vannahme

Vice-President Business Development
Sheri Moerkerk

Sheri Moerkerk

Marketing and Communications Director
mike hall

Mike Hall

Mike Cuma

Mike Cuma

Marketing and Communications Manager

Justine Spearman

Senior Data and Outreach Coordinator
Jaclyn Headshot

Jaclyn Diduck

Senior Logistics Coordinator

Adam Wilton

Accounting Coordinator
Craig 1

Craig Harrison

Senior Outreach Coordinator

Jordyn Wegner

Digital Marketing Specialist
Gabriel Shuster

Gabriel Shuster

Events & Marketing Coordinator
alexis 1p1

Alexis Davy

Executive Assistant

Noah Shams

Logistics & Schools Coordinator

Judy Slaney

Northern Coordinator