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You could win cash prizes for recycling your empty beverage containers

Download the Recycle Everywhere Mobile App and get started today.


A Gift for Those in Need This Holiday Season

Recycle Everywhere challenges all Manitobans to make December the best beverage container recycling month in province’s history 

Until the end of the year, for every eligible empty beverage container that Manitobans recycle and scan through the Recycle Everywhere mobile app, the organization will donate to Habitat for Humanity. 

Download the app and recycle! That’s all it takes.

Yes, you read that right.

We’re rewarding you for recycling. Big time.

For a chance to win a variety of cash prizes, all you have to do is take a picture of the blue bin you’re using and scan your empty beverage container, using the new Recycle Everywhere Mobile App.

And hey, even if you don’t walk away with any money, playing along means you’re doing a good thing for the environment and your community. It’s a win-win. Enter today, and one of those wins could be a pile of cash.

Multiple chances. Multiple cash prizes.

Your blue bin could be a jackpot.

Daily Prize


Weekly Prize


Monthly Prize


Share and Win


Prize Notifications: Prize winners will be notified by email only using the address provided when activating the Recycle Everywhere mobile app. Winners are also welcome to contact us to verify their win at 204-942-2284. Helpful information on what to know before entering a contest or claiming a prize can be found on Canada’s Competition Bureau website here.

How It Works

Follow these steps to be our next winner!


Download the Recycle Everywhere Mobile App


Take a picture of your blue bin

On the app, aim your camera at the blue bin you’re using.


Scan the bar code on your empty beverage container

On the app, adjust your camera to line up the bar code accordingly.


Drop your empty beverage container into your blue bin

The most important step. Remember to always recycle after capturing your blue bin and bar code.


You’re automatically entered to win

Your name goes into a draw for daily, weekly and monthly prizes, plus our grand prize of $25,000, awarded twice a year. Recycling more increases your chances.

Winners Everyday

Recycle Everywhere Mobile App Winners

You can visit this page to view all the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Grand Prize winners. The winners are also shared on Recycle Everywhere’s Instagram account. 

Right at your fingertips

Track your recycling progress

Aside from giving you the chance to win money, the Recycle Everywhere Mobile App shows you how much your individual effort contributes to a sustainable Manitoba.

Check out the app’s dashboard to track your recycling stats and see firsthand the positive impact you can make.


Invite Family and Friends to the app

Round #2 is up!

Keep spreading the word and encouraging good recycling habits through the app for a chance to win $250.

Each new user you refer gives you a chance to win. Whenever the community refers 100 new users, we draw for the cash prize.

Find out how to participate in the Share&Win Community Challenge today. Together we can create a more sustainable Manitoba!

Are you ready to recycle?

Make it easy for everyone in Manitoba to recycle their beverage containers. Sign up and order the bins you need for your workplace, campus, community or home.