Bin Types

For Home

We promote beverage container recycling wherever beverages are consumed, both at home and away from home. You can recycle your empty beverage containers at home in the Blue Box, along with all other recyclable materials. Review our free bins that were designed to make it easier to recycle empty beverage containers at home.

Home Bins

Multi-Family Dwelling Bin

Recycle Everywhere’s Mini Bin is a small sized, space saving recycling bin specially designed to fit under a kitchen sink, or somewhere else convenient. This bin is only available to apartments, condos, and other multi-family units.

If you are a property manager and want enough Mini Bins for all of your suites, as well as instructional signage for your residents, click Request Bins to partner with Recycle Everywhere. If you live in an apartment, condo, or townhouse and want a recycling bin, tell your property manager about the Mini Bin.

For more information, email with the subject line, “MFD inquiry”.

Home Bins

The Single Family Dwelling Bin

The Single Family Dwelling (SFD) bin can fit almost anywhere in your home and is designed to make it easy-to-carry your recyclables from the house to the curbside recycling cart. Research has shown that recycling rates in neighbourhoods increased after the introduction of the SFD bin.

The SFD bin is only available to houses, townhouses, and side-by-sides on a community basis to neighbourhoods with curbside pick up. Contact your municipality and tell them about Recycle Everywhere and the SFD bin to have them distributed in your area.

Manitoba residents outside of Winnipeg, please refer to our distribution sites list within the province.

For more information email with the subject line, “SFD inquiry”.

Home Bins

Bin Bag

The Bin Bag is a light-weight, structured yet collapsible, recycling bag with fabric handles making it easy to carry. The Bin Bag has extra capacity to store more recyclables and is reusable for those who spend longer periods of time away from home. To find out more about the Bin Bag, visit our Campgrounds and Cottages page.

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