News Release

August 21, 2023

Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) Launches "Within Reach", Encouraging Manitobans to Recycle More

WINNIPEG, MB — The Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) is proud to announce a new campaign for its highly successful Recycle Everywhere program. “Within Reach” aims to reignite Manitobans passion to recycle and help encourage the recovery of every empty non-alcoholic beverage container.

The core concept behind the creative platform, “Within Reach,” seeks to help Manitobans realize just how accessible Recycle Everywhere bins truly are. By drawing attention to how Recycle Everywhere bins are everywhere, the campaign hopes to give Manitobans an extra push to recycle through relatable local insights, like how smooth commutes are elusive or how difficult it is to escape mosquito bites.


The innovative omni-channel campaign, developed by Wunderman Thompson Canada, strategically tailors its messaging in Manitoba through radio and out-of-home advertising.

Additionally, the campaign cleverly parodies clichéd tourism advertising in TV and online video, captivating audiences through stunning visuals that ultimately demonstrate all the locations Manitobans can access recycling bins. Renowned Canadian (and Manitoban by birth) radio broadcaster, Alan Cross, lends his voice to the campaign, effectively conveying the ease and importance of recycling everywhere.


“The creation of the ‘Within Reach’ campaign marks our commitment to our mission to create a more sustainable future,” said Sheri Moerkerk, spokesperson for CBCRA. “We are dedicated to raising awareness and empowering Manitobans to make a difference through recycling. Together, we can achieve our recycling goals and contribute to a more sustainable Canada.”


CBCRA encourages all residents of Manitoba to join the “Recycle Everywhere” movement, emphasizing that every individual’s contribution plays a crucial role in protecting the environment and conserving valuable resources.


For more information about the “Recycle Everywhere” program, please visit


Sheri Moerkerk

Marketing Communications Manager, CBCRA/Recycle Everywhere