Recycling Programs

For Home

Recycle Everywhere promotes beverage container recycling wherever beverages are consumed, both at home and away from home. In Manitoba, you can recycle your empty beverage containers at home in the Blue Box, along with all other recyclable materials. We have a few solutions to make recycling at home even easier.

Home Bins

The Mini Bin Program

The Mini Bin is a compact recycling bin that’s ideal for apartments, condos, or townhouses. It’s designed to fit almost anywhere and makes it easy to compile and carry your empty beverage containers and other recyclables to a larger indoor or outdoor recycling bin.

If you are a property manager and want enough Mini Bins for all of your suites, as well as instructional signage for your residents, click Request Bins to partner with Recycle Everywhere. If you live in an apartment, condo, or townhouse and want a recycling bin, tell your property manager about the Mini Bin. For more information, email with the subject line, “MFD inquiry”.

Home Bins

The Single Family Dwelling Bin

The Single Family Dwelling (SFD) bin can fit almost anywhere in your home and is designed to make it easy-to-carry your recyclables from the house to the curbside recycling cart. Research has shown that recycling rates in neighbourhoods increased after the introduction of the SFD bin.

The SFD bin is only available to houses, townhouses, and side-by-sides on a community basis to neighbourhoods with curbside pick up. Contact your municipality and tell them about Recycle Everywhere and the SFD bin to have them distributed in your area. For more information email with the subject line, “SFD inquiry”.

Tips & Tricks

Tips for Recycling at Home

Here are some helpful tips to improve beverage container recycling in your home:

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Place a recycling bin right next to or near your garbage bin in your kitchen. This will make it convenient for everyone to recycle.

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Put a reminder on the fridge that cans, cartons, juice boxes, glass bottles and plastic bottles are all recyclable.

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Make sure your beverage containers are empty before putting them in the recycling bin. Leftover liquids can contaminate an entire cart of other recyclables.

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Straws can stay in juice boxes when you recycle them. Just push the straw entirely into the juice box so that it won’t get lost in the process. Juice box straws are the only straws accepted for recycling—as long as they have been pushed into the juice box.

Are you ready to recycle?

Make it easy for everyone in Manitoba to recycle their beverage containers. Sign up and order the bins you need for your workplace, campus, community or home.