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Become a Beverage Container Recycling School

92% of primary and secondary schools in Manitoba have already partnered with Recycle Everywhere 101, a free, province-wide program that encourages schools to boost their beverage container recycling rates.

Teachers, staff and students have all embraced this initiative, and the relationships we’ve built and the contests we’ve held have only helped to further promote the benefits of beverage container recycling.

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Make it Fun!

Explore our engaging resources that make recycling fun for everyone!
RE101 Games and Downloads
Enjoy learning about recycling with games, print-outs, and activities designed to be fun and easy to use, whether in a classroom or at home. Click the button below to have fun with our engaging resources!

Invite a Recycling Ambassador to Speak to Your Class
Looking to teach your students more about the benefits of beverage container recycling? Have a representative present to your class live over the internet, or using one of our recorded presentations. We help educators teach students about the benefits of beverage container recycling by making it fun!


Waste Audit

Evaluate your recycling program performance and get tips on how to improve it.
Waste Audit Toolkit

A waste audit is a tool you can use to measure the types and volumes of waste being produced over a period of time.


Work sheets for your Recycling Team to evaluate the performance of their recycling program.

Get it checked

Arrange for Free Waste Assessment

A waste assessment is just a simple way to check on your recycling infrastructure. We can address issues such as misused, lacking or damaged bins. We want to help you make your school’s recycling program even more efficient. This is a simple way to check on how well your recycling is working. We can help you address issues like contamination, not enough bins or damaged bins. One of our experienced recycling ambassadors will help guide your school’s recycling program to be more efficient. 

Are you ready to recycle?

Make it easy for everyone in Manitoba to recycle their beverage containers. Sign up and order the bins you need for your workplace, campus, community or home.