Recycling Info

Why Recycle?

You may not know it, but every bottle, can, carton and juice box you buy in Manitoba is helping to support the entire recycling process.

All About Recycling Beverage Containers

Help support the recycling process

Recycling beverage containers leads to new products, fewer non-renewable resources being mined and a greener province. Learn more about the importance of beverage container recycling and the looming threat of recycling contamination.

The Container Recycling Fee (CRF) is a fee charged to every sealed beverage container sold in the province. This fee funds the recycling of beverage containers no matter where they’re consumed, both in and out of the home. You can help give your empty beverage container a new life by dropping it into a Recycle Everywhere bin so it can be turned into something new.

How to Recycle

Recycling beverage containers Is as easy as 1-2-3


Know what to recycle

You can recycle plastic and glass bottles, beverage cartons, juice boxes and aluminum cans.


No take-out cups or food waste

Use our bins for empty beverage containers and other accepted recyclables. But remember—no take-out cups or soiled food containers.


Make sure it’s empty

Dump out any liquid before you recycle your beverage container.

Our Results

Results Worth Repeating

Using recycled beverage containers to manufacture new ones conserves resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves energy required to process new raw materials. Our programs also keep thousands of tonnes of beverage containers out of the garbage and reduce litter, extending the life of Manitoba’s landfills and increasing sustainability. These are results we will continue to build on.

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Where to Recycle

Looking to recycle more than just beverage containers?

Manitoba has a comprehensive recycling system that includes a broad range of materials – not only beverage containers. Consumers in Manitoba can recycle their beverage containers at home in the Blue Box, or out and about through Recycle Everywhere’s public space program. This system makes it very convenient to recycle and is one of a kind to Manitoba.

Every kilogram of material we keep out of the trash helps to extend the life of our landfills and creates more sustainable communities. That’s why Recycle Everywhere is proud to be part of the group of stewardship organizations in Manitoba focused on diverting as much waste as possible from the landfill. From old electronics and batteries to paints and hazardous materials, you can use this tool to help you figure out which waste goes where.

Life Beyond the Landfill

What Happens Next?

When you recycle your empty beverage containers, they start on a transformative journey that allows more non-renewable resources to stay in the ground, and keeps our province green and clean. Find out the importance of giving your beverage containers a life beyond the landfill.


What is Contamination?

Any non-recyclable item placed in a recycling bin is considered contamination. A single piece of contamination in a recycling bin can have far-reaching, long lasting impacts. Recyclables that have been contaminated can no longer be processed, and instead pose a further risk to other recyclables. This can mean that entire bins of valuable recycling can be diverted to the landfill.


Recycling keeps it out of the landfill

Effective in 2017, China announced a ban on certain specifications of recyclables and set an allowable contaminate rate of 0.5%. This has affected the global market and increased the need for people to recycle effectively in their own jurisdictions.

While not all our materials are sent to China, the more diligent Manitobans can be with their recycling habits the better the probability that your recyclables will stay out of the landfill.

Contamination in the recycling stream is currently a huge issue for the industry. Whatever consumers can do to avoid contaminating the recycling stream is helpful. Always check with your local community as to what is accepted in your recycling system.

Look Out for These

Common Contaminators

Some of the most common contaminants found in Recycle Everywhere bins are leftover liquids, food and food soiled materials, disposable coffee cups and other types of open cups and lids.

Are you ready to recycle?

Make it easy for everyone in Manitoba to recycle their beverage containers. Sign up and order the bins you need for your workplace, campus, community or home.