Making it Easy to Recycle Beverage Containers

The Recycle Everywhere program was started in 2010, and we continue to have a meaningful impact on the province’s recycling landscape.

More Bins

Our bins and educational resources can be found in workspaces, homes, and communities across Manitoba. With more than 70,000 public space bins at swimming pools, arenas, community centres, libraries and more, Recycle Everywhere is making it easier to recycle your empty beverage containers no matter where you are!

Less Litter

Recycle Everywhere bins can be found in public spaces in each of the cities listed to the right. In every instance, beverage container litter in city streets has decreased since the baseline audits began, with no other new litter abatement programs being in place.

Higher Recovery Rates

We have worked for—and enjoyed—many successes since the program’s inception in 2010. During that time, we’ve increased the overall beverage container recovery rate from 42% to 72% at the end of 2021, including an impressive recovery rate of 80% for PET (polyethylene).

Are you ready to recycle?

Make it easy for everyone in Manitoba to recycle their beverage containers. Sign up and order the bins you need for your workplace, campus, community or home.